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As a photographer and video maker my drive is to find meaning and understanding in the world around me. Processing feelings and experiences past and present, from the traumatic to the trivial is a vital part of my life. My aim is to find a visual language which expresses the more subtle changes in mood moving images through iterations towards abstraction.


Goldsmiths University London


Hunstanton, Norfolk. UK
The Phoenix, Brighton. UK
Gallery 40, Brighton UK

My work is in private collections in the UK and USA



Born in Yorkshire and brought up in the north of England, Sue now lives on the south coast.






She had an eclectic early career – managing diary farms, working in retail, as a driving instructor and a nurse.



 In 2003 she graduated from Goldsmith’s with an MA in Screenwriting. Her work has appeared on Channel Four and video remains an important part of her practice.






Always passionate about photography, once she started to work with a computer as well as a camera, her unique vision began to take shape.







‘I photograph textures, sometimes small mundane objects, everything and anything to create a landscape that invites an emotional response in the viewer.’



‘Working in the digital realm is exciting. The technical possibilities are enormous. I love the fluidity of working with images in a process that could theoretically continue forever; it’s never finite. It’s never finished, new possibilities always arise.’